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The Big Bam! Fashion Series 2002
at IMG Home

September 10
, 2002
IMG Home
San Francisco, California


Canon EOS-1D
Canon EF 28-70mm f/2.8L USM

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
Presented by IMG Home, this special evening begins with an exclusive reception hosted by GAVIN NEWSOM and KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE NEWSOM. At 8:30 DEBORAH HAMPTON FASHIONS and ALANA LEIGH ATELIER JEWELRY modeled by the incomparable MEMBERS OF THE SAN FRANCISCO BALLET. 9:00 to MIDNIGHT dance to DJ KASKADE AND THE DRUMFIRE. Proceeds are supporting free mammogram and clinical days for uninsured women in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sponsored by LabattUSA (Stella Artois and Tecate), Fringale, Butterfly, La Mediterrannee, South Beach Café, Voss Water and Peak Wines.

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E95C9250 E95C9267 E95C9269 E95C9279
E95C9282.jpg E95C9285.jpg E95C9306.jpg E95C9315.jpg
E95C9282 E95C9285 E95C9306 E95C9315
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E95C9319 E95C9326 E95C9335 E95C9348
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E95C9349 E95C9354 E95C9360 E95C9363
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E95C9370 E95C9371 E95C9372 E95C9377
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E95C9379 E95C9386 E95C9392 E95C9396

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