The Fire Garden - Halloween
October 31 - November 2, 2002
Golden Pacific Brewery
Berkeley, California


It's all fire, all the time.  Berkeley's Golden Pacific Brewery's 20,000-square-foot parking lot is transformed into a playground of incendiary sculpture -- some solar powered, some fire breathing and some simply illuminated. Three groups -- Therm, Lightfantastic and the Sunbrothers embrace fire as a "creative element," which they did successfully at the same location in April. The "Fire Garden" features fashions presented by local designers, fire dancing (of course!) and a performance of "choreographed fire forms cracking, thumping and flashing in every color of the rainbow beneath 15-foot lightning bolts while performers in medieval armor display swordsmanship under a shower of electricity."

The Garden

Ultra Gypsy

Click here for photos from July's Fire Garden.