Valentine's Day Roses 2003
February 13-15
, 2003
Sunbrothers Studio
2323 Magnolia Street, Studio A
Oakland, California


Sunbrothers presents the 3rd annual Valentine's event featuring Solar Powered Rose Sculptures.  Showing many varieties of indoor/outdoor sculpture for the home and garden, plus a new style of Long Stem Rose.  Artwork also on display by Joe Rut, Grant Irish, Therm, Light Fantastic, Dan Wooden, and Kathleen Fernald.
E95C3969_RJ.jpg E95C3974_RJ.jpg E95C3975_RJ.jpg E95C3978_RJ.jpg
E95C3969_RJ E95C3974_RJ E95C3975_RJ E95C3978_RJ
E95C3981_RJ.jpg E95C3990_RJ.jpg E95C4003_RJ.jpg E95C4009_RJ.jpg
E95C3981_RJ E95C3990_RJ E95C4003_RJ E95C4009_RJ
E95C4013_RJ.jpg E95C4023_RJ.jpg E95C4024_RJ.jpg E95C4027_RJ_2.jpg
E95C4013_RJ E95C4023_RJ E95C4024_RJ
E95C4029_RJ.jpg E95C4031_RJ.jpg E95C4034_RJ.jpg E95C4038_RJ.jpg
E95C4029_RJ E95C4031_RJ E95C4034_RJ E95C4038_RJ

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